Creating a Safe and Secure facility has never been this affordable or Easy!

WhosOnLocation is a web-based Visitor Management Solution that offers simple tools that make it easy for organisations to manage the presence of people into and out of your locations.

Locations can be corporate offices, branch offices, manufacturing plants, schools, construction sites, hospitals, aged care or senior care facilities, small businesses - in fact just about any type of site or location where there is an obligation on your organisation to account for the safety and security of people, assets, and/or intellectual property.

Whether you are looking for a simple system to replace the visitor book or a comprehensive solution to manage visitor identity, pre-registrations, car park occupancy and much more... WhosOnLocation is right for you.

Full Featured Visitor Management from only $49 Per Month (CAD)

  • Receptionist Access
  • Visitor Kiosk (Touch and non-touch)
  • Visitor Pass Issuance
  • Visitor Pre-registration
  • Visitor Questionnaire
  • Express scan in | out
  • Groups Management
  • Frequent Visitor Management
  • Employee Attendance
  • Employee IN | OUT Board
  • Receptionist Messaging
  • Visitor arrival Messaging
  • Email Messaging
  • SMS Messaging
  • Multiple Location Support
  • Evacuation Reporting
  • Team Support
  • Auto Sign Out
  • Any time zone worldwide
  • Online Support
  • Chat Support
  • No Software to Download
  • Cloud based

Kiosks for Managing Visitors

Setup in minutes, deploy kiosks, start managing visitors today!

WhosOnLocation is easy to use, and can be deployed to any location, anywhere in the world in minutes. WOL works with a wide range of hardware devices and our support team will help you get started with online training at no extra cost!

  • All-in-one Touch screen
  • Standard PC/Mac with keyboard and mouse
  • iPad
  • Tablets

Receptionist, Security Guard Access , Concierge

Empower your front of house team with WOL. Users can quickly:

  • View pre-registered visitors hours, days and weeks in advance.
  • Pre-print, print, and re-print visitor passes.
  • Efficiently manage and sign in large groups in seconds.
  • Manage visitor car parking and much more...
Visitor Pass Management

Visitor Message Notifications

Visitor arrival notifications, and messaging

Employees are automatically notified of their visitor’s arrival via email and/or sms (text). Employees can also have their visitor arrival notifications cc’d to their personal assistant, team support person, or any other notifying recipient you nominate. Visitor arrival notifications include:

  • Name of visitor
  • Where they are from
  • Who the host is
  • Which access control point they signed into

Print One-Day Self Expiry Visitor Passes

Pre-set templates in WhosOnlocation makes it easy to display your Logo, Hosts Name, Time in/out and other information on your badge. Visitor Badges change colour overnight so they can't be reused! The patented one-piece design makes activation virtually foolproof. After the visitor's information is printed onto the badge, it’s peeled from the liner ... and the tab is folded behind the badge. Overnight, a “VOID” image appears on the badge, discouraging re-usage by visitors who have left.

  • Easily identify un-authorized Visitors
  • Badges don’t have to be collected, no more chasing visitors who forgot to hand them in!
  • Affordable! A great value for increasing a facility's security.
visitor passes & badges

visitor data and reports

Reporting, Data, and Insights

Discover how WOL can help transform your organisation. Managing the security, safety, and well-being of your people, assets and intellectual property is not only a compliance matter for your organisation, but also demanding and it starts with knowing who is authorised to be on-site, who is due on-site, who is on-site, and who was on-site.

  • Access real-time data on who is on-site now
  • Apply filters to identify who was on-site on a specific day, and time.
  • View visitor information as data or graphically
  • Export reports as a csv or PDF
Customer Support
24/7 support is available from your friendly customer care team. Better yet, this is included in your annual license with no extra online service fees.
30 Day Free Trial
Request a demo now to learn how the WhosOnLocation solution can help you. With a no obligation 30 day free trial you can be certain that we are the right fit for you.
Access Online
As a cloud-based solution there is no software to download. Simply log on from any browser; allowing you to deploy and manage multiple locations, anywhere in the world.